Trump Calls For Syria Cease Fire, Announces Sanctions Against Turkey

President Trump, Syria, Turkey and the Kurds

Following the withdrawal of US forces along the Syrian border last week, the Turkish military launched an offensive to create a “buffer zone” between Turkey and the region known as Kurdistan.

Keeping true to President Trump’s promise of grave economic consequences, Vice President Mike Pence announced Monday that the United States would place a 50% tariff on all Turkish steel and halt ongoing negotiations on a $100 billion trade deal.

Additionally, President Trump signed an executive order authorizing Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to implement sanctions on Turkish officials.

Vice President Pence explained that President Trump’s first call Monday morning was to a Kurdish General and secondly to Turkish President Erdogan.

“The President of the United States called on the President of Turkey to stop the invasion… The President did receive a commitment from President Erdogan to not attack the city of Kobani.”

Meanwhile, the Kurds took the proactive step of making a deal with the Syrian government, which involves the movement of Syrian troops toward the Northern border with Turkey.

The continued chaos in the war-ravaged area of Iraq-Syria has resulted in the escape of hundreds of ISIS militants.

In a lengthy statement released Monday morning, President Trump again warned Turkey saying:

“I am fully prepared to swiftly destroy Turkey’s economy if Turkish leaders continue down this dangerous and destructive path.”

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