Bernie Sanders: The Convenient Jew Who Betrays Us

Ian G. Haworth, a writer for The Times Of Israel, exposes the inconsistencies of the Democrat’s “convenient Jew” who betrays the Jewish people, specifically, Bernie Sanders. Haworth uses the example of identity politics, how African Americans who do not stay in the Democrat Party are often labeled as “Uncle Toms” and “House Negroes.” It grows more complex, however, when identity politics are used as a tool to claim authority on subjects of race or religion as a proxy for substantive arguments.
Haworth goes on to describe when one is speaking as a self-designated member of a specific group, how that person is often celebrated by a political movement as a solid counter-argument. In other words, for the Left, that person is nothing more than a token should they dare to disagree with progressivism, yet are celebrated as some brave hero if they support the underlying political objectives.


bernie sanders called out for identity politics, lack of real support for Israel

Source: Bernie Sanders: The Convenient Jew Who Betrays Us | The Times Of Israel

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