They’ve Got Nothing

Mario Murillo shares his thoughts regarding the attempts by the Left, led by Adam Schiff and other Democrat leadership, to impeach President Trump. He also addresses the demonic mind manipulation pushed on the youth of America, and more.

Mario Murillo addresses the left's attempt by Adam Schiff and the Democrat leadership to impeach President Trump


The mind manipulation that is being practiced on the youth of America is even beyond that. If it weren’t so tragic, it would be hilarious to watch university students who hate capitalism find out that they are the pawns of the worst capitalists ever. In the Bernie-bin, Socialism can sound feasible. In the wacky world of AOC, you feel the lure of socialism. None of them have seen how gazillionaires who hate American exceptionalism are pulling the strings of their idealism.

Dear young people: they are using your noble heart for very, very dark and selfish ends. Socialism is the ultimate Ponzi scheme. It’s where the poor gleefully accept government assistance, never realizing that it is only available while supplies last. In the end, it always elevates a small group of elite leaders to a position of power and wealth that cannot be brought down or even questioned. 

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