God Says: Welcome to the School of the Mouth!

Lana Vawser shares how she has had numerous encounters with the Lord and dreams regarding “speaking” and the “mouth.” She describes how she believes that the Lord is teaching His people, giving them a deeper understanding of the power of their words, the power of decreeing the Word of God, and their authority in Christ.

Lana Vawser shares regarding heavenly visions, dreams, the power of your words, and to watch your mouth.


As I continued to seek the Lord’s heart, I felt that this beautiful invitation to be schooled by Him would lead to a realm of revelation and re-introduction to the authority and power of decree and the Word of God. I strongly felt the fear of God, sensing that there is a weighty responsibility entrusted to us to steward our words well in this new era.

The Holy Spirit spoke again: “Fire is coming upon the tongue. I am bringing MAJOR deliverance to My people from WRONG declarations.”

There is a MAJOR purification and conviction of the Holy Spirit coming to the Body of Christ to bring conviction and purification of words that are spoken. For the Lord is going to bring forth DEEP healing in the hearts of many, where they will say, “YES” to entering into the school of the mouth.

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