A Wave Called “Vindication”

While in worship, Nate Johnston had a vision of a huge, menacing wave he could also hear the deep rumblings it made. As it approached, he saw the word vindication upon it, and while it was terrifying to see, it was meant as a tide of justice sent by the Lord.


What I saw and experienced is a counter-move from heaven in your life that will deal with every injustice you have faced and REALIGN you like a chiropractor aligns spines. Many have been bitter and out of sync with God’s goodness yet it’s coming in this season rewrite wrongs and CATAPULT you into destiny opportunities and JOYFUL purpose you thought you missed out on. There is a spontaneous song by Amanda Cook that says;

“The wave that came against you is the same wave that will take you higher”

This will be a season where we see the very things sent to take us out be the very vehicle that brings breakthrough for us!

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Source: A Wave Called “Vindication” | Nate & Christy Johnston

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