The Word And Spirit Must Work Together

Wanda Alger’s article addresses what intercessors are doing to bring a more significant impact while praying for greater unity in the Church. She asks what that looks like, and what does it mean to be “one?” She also shares while there is a diverse amount of how people practice their faith, how to come together so that God’s power can be released in a greater measure.


Prayer is a form of worship. When we pray “in truth” we are using Scripture as the foundation for everything that is eternal and right. When we pray “in spirit” we are listening for the revelatory voice of the Father in how we apply those truths to our current situation. Both are needed to receive the full counsel of heaven.

In many communities where intercessors are seeking the Lord for greater understanding in how to pray, the work of the Holy Spirit is essential in identifying specific roots of iniquity or patterns of sin on the land. In listening to the promptings of the Spirit, intercessors are given keys in bringing freedom to their cities.

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Source: The Word And Spirit Must Work Together | Intercessors For America

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