Take Back The Years The Devil Has Stolen From You

After spending time with a man of God that Mario Murillo respected, a comment was made saying they wished they were a younger man. In this word, Murillo shares the insights he received from this exchange and includes several points on how to retrieve the years the enemy has stolen from many.



Right now, a lot of people are looking back on their lives and feeling that many years have been stolen from them.  They recount scenes of besetting sin, betrayal, calamity, sickness, and just plain mistakes that have had a huge impact on their lives.

There are lots of people who are feeling a special turmoil right now.  They are torn by conflicting emotions—they are feeling like they are too tired or that it is too late to start over—while at the same time they are burning with passion to take on a new mission.

Hollywood senses this and makes films like RED: Retired and Extremely Dangerous that touches this need for revenge on the past.  There is a right way to do this. This is not for personal gain bur by the vengeance of our God.

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Source: Take Back The Years The Devil Has Stolen From You | Mario Murillo

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