God’s Call To Those In The Autumn Season Of Life

Wanda Alger shares a prophetic word that could be a reminder for some, and encouragement for others. She shares that age does not disqualify one from greatness, but rather, it is due to being a faithful witness and a consistent walk of faith; the Lord is calling on those to help deliver nations.

Wanda Alger prophetic faithful nations


If you wonder why you don’t have the same passion or zeal you once did, there’s a reason. The grace on your life has changed and God is now asking you to mentor others who can carry the vision to completion. There are sons and daughters ready and willing to pick up the cause and run with it. They just need wisdom to guide the way and fathers and mothers to walk with.

Because of the cultural shifts that need to take place and the generational patterns that must be transformed across the earth, it’s going to take a three-fold generational partnership to see it happen.

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Source: God’s Call To Those In The Autumn Season Of Life | The Elijah List

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