Why Keep Praying If It’s Already Been Prophesied?

Wanda Alger addresses the question, “why keep praying about what has already been prophesied?” Alger answers with biblical examples, including Jesus Himself on the night before He was crucified, at the Garden of Gethsemane, while also suggesting that America may be in its own midnight hour.

Wanda Alger covers praying over President Trump's reelection in light of so many prophetic words


Many prophetic intercessors already believe President Trump will be reelected to a second term. Major prophets are declaring it and a growing number of believers are gaining confidence in the Lord’s purposes. However, this prophetic promise is also causing some to back off of prayer, thinking it’s already a done deal. With so many believing in God’s sovereign plans, there is a rising concern that people will not be as urgent in their intercession. Is the wave of prayer that got him into the White House losing its momentum as we head into 2020?

There is certainly a time to simply “stand” in faith and not flinch on the promises of God (see Eph 6:13). When we do this, we are anchoring our own confidence in the Lord and not backing down on God’s Word. However, not only is our persistence in prayer essential to breakthrough; it is by praying in the Spirit that the necessary authority, anointing, and power is released to push the prophetic promise to its fulfillment (see Eph 6:17-18)!

Perhaps our nation is in our own midnight hour. Though we may know the Father’s purposes and be unshaken in His ability to see it through, I believe Jesus – the Great Intercessor – is still speaking to His disciples. He is urging us to STAY AWAKE AND PRAY. Knowing the spiritual battle at hand – and our own human weaknesses – He is urging us to stay in the game and build up our “most holy faith” by praying in the Spirit together so the manifest purposes of God can be revealed (see Jude 20-12).

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Source: Why Keep Praying If It’s Already Been Prophesied? | Wanda Alger

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