America, You Will Be Known Again As ‘One Nation Under God’

Katie Barker of Australia shares a word the Lord spoke to her saying He was calling America back to being one nation under God. He also said He is calling His people to pledge allegiance to Him, looking for those who will pledge allegiance to My call to intercession, and more.

Katie Barker shares prophetic word over America's destiny, challenging the church to pledge their allegiance to Him and His call to them to intercede on America's behalf.


As I sat with the Lord I heard Him say, “USA, I am calling you back to being ‘one nation under God.’ You are to stand as one, to stand united in your commission to see the nation come back to My truth, ways and leading. I am causing you to have eyes to see the need, to stand united, seeing the power of your united stand in intercession. I am removing the barriers that have prevented My people from making a united stand, and a great shift will come to the nation as My people stand, united in prayer and intercession, to see My will established in the nation.

The nation will again be known as ‘one nation under God,’ not just in words but in truth, for a great reformation and awakening is coming to the nation. I am going to water the seeds of intercession that have been sown and will be sown by My faithful ones, and My people will see Me move on their intercession.

“I have not forgotten the vast spiritual heritage and inheritance of this nation. Now is the time to call forth a harvest on all that has been sown. I am calling the nation back to the Biblical foundations on which it was built.

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Source: America, You Will Be Known Again As ‘One Nation Under God | The Elijah List

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