We Need A Holy Boldness

Wanda Alger shares a word of exhortation, encouraging the body of Christ to be bold even when it is not within our personality style. She talks about a needed boldness among the people of God in a time when our culture continues to self-destruct.


Wanda Alger's article is a word of exhortation that the church needs a holy boldness to impact culture


When one gets touched by the fire of God, nothing can put it out. It is entirely different from the anger of man or impatience of the flesh. It is a supernatural ignition of the heart. It not only awakens us to the eternal realities at stake; it reveals a voice deep within our spirit that is not our own. It is the Lion of Judah hidden within the recesses of our spirit waiting for the time to roar. Its power is love and its purpose is redemption and restoration.

The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion. (Proverbs 28:1)

We all have that roar within us. It is a sound that is greater than the cacophony of voices vying for our attention and it cuts through the static of enemy interference. It is a boldness that breaks the yoke of the oppressor and calls attention to the Lion Himself who alone is worthy to rule and reign. Though we are the conduit of this sound, it is HIS voice that bursts onto the scene, dispelling the darkness and silencing our accusers. It is this roar that will fuel our boldness and give us the courage to say what others fear and the enemy dreads.

Jesus demonstrated this zeal when He tore through the temple and removed the idol worshipers that had set up shop (see John 2:13-17). That which would have been considered treasonous and even violent, became an act of holy intervention that awakened the masses and stirred His disciples. The zeal for His Father’s house consumed Him with a passion for holiness and a fierce love for His people.

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