Christians Will Now Face Wounded Animal Leftists

Mario Murillo addresses what to expect now that the left’s tactics failed with the impeachment facade. He shares how Christians will be facing leftists acting like wounded animals, and how they are driven by hatred and blind rage.

Mario Murillo addresses the banning of Franklin Graham's meetings in Liverpool, & what it really is about. He calls the lies grandstanding, & will backfire in Biblical proportions


You have heard that Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trump’s speech out of frustration. The media has reported that she regrets giving in to the pressure to impeach Trump that was put on her by the radical fringe of her party. Both of those theories are wrong. It is very obvious that she regrets nothing.

Democrats don’t believe they make mistakes. They don’t believe they have done anything wrong, and worst of all, they don’t believe they have been defeated—they will never admit defeat.

Even after the Iowa Caucus debacle, they see no reason for soul searching—because they have no soul to search. They know they are incapable of running the country. They know they have no plan for America, but they don’t care.  Leftists in America are now wounded animals. They are now driven by hatred and blind rage.

When you catch them lying, they don’t care. When you prove their folly, it no longer matters. They will not listen to anyone who is centrist or recommends they stop the endless investigations, or their screaming vituperation.

Nancy was sending a signal to leftists everywhere that moderation is out the window. Rules are gone. Laws don’t matter to them anymore. Her pre-planned, video-captured, under the table surreptitious pre-tearing of the speech, was a declaration of war.

The Left in America will now totally disregard decency, precedent, and the Constitution—even though it will ultimately bring about their own self-destruction.

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Source: Christians Will Now Face Wounded Animal Leftists | Mario Murillo

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