7 Prophetic Moments That Defined Andrew Brunson’s 2-Year Imprisonment

From Charisma Magazine is a gripping account of Pastor Andrew Brunson’s experience while imprisoned in Turkey. Included in the article are powerful, transparent thoughts of his experiences while he was behind bars. Pastor Brunson’s two-year imprisonment in Turkey proved brutal and unjust, but God taught him a lot during that time.

A detailed account of Pastor Andrew Brunson's experience of religious persecution while imprisoned in Turkey


When he was evaluated for PTSD by a State Department psychiatrist shortly after returning to the U.S., he was assured that this kind of detachment is normal for trauma victims. He’s also comforted that as time has passed—it’s been just over a year since his release—he has felt more like himself, and the sense of detachment has gone. In February 2019, Andrew was able to finally walk his daughter down the aisle for her wedding. The ceremony, held in the mountains of North Carolina, happened just one day shy of her second anniversary.

But as Andrew’s feelings have returned, a new urgency has gripped his heart for the church in America.

“I rode a wave of prayer out of Turkey, but a tsunami of prayer crashed into Turkey,” Andrew says. “We will see the results over the next years. It’s not finished yet. The full result isn’t my being released; that was accomplished by the prayer of God’s people. But there’s going to be much more that happens because of this prayer movement. We’re already seeing it in Turkey. In the last year, I’ve had reports of many more people than ever before coming into these small Turkish churches, saying ‘I don’t want to be a Muslim anymore.'”

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Source: 7 Prophetic Moments That Defined Andrew Brunson’s 2-Year Imprisonment | Charisma Magazine

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