Your Second Chance is Coming!

When Cameron King was sitting at his kitchen table recently, the Lord spoke to him about His Calebs. He continued talking to Cameron which covers how Caleb “kept asking,” how a moment of “opportunity” is coming, and more.


So when the Lord spoke to me and said, “My Calebs are about to be given their second opportunity,” I knew exactly what He was saying. There are people who have a history with God. They have lived a life of faith and have a different spirit about them. Unfortunately, they were denied opportunity because of other people’s actions and unbelief. The good news for these people is that their second opportunity is coming soon!

Then the Lord said to me, “The ones who have remained in faith, who have stayed positive, continued in prayer, remained in love and have kept a kind disposition toward those who have failed, will be given a second opportunity. These are the ones who have kept their faith in Me and in My redemptive power.”

So if you have been a Caleb, there is something still burning inside of you. If you’re waiting for a second chance, the Lord wants you to know a few things to prepare you for the coming opportunity.

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Source: Your Second Chance is Coming! | The Elijah List

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