You—Not Trump—Are The Real Target.

Mario Murillo shares that while the leftist media and those in politics and government continually berate our President, that it is we as believers, are who the real target is. He shares three points on how to prepare and fight back.


Build on prophecy: If you believe that Trump is a miracle that is a type of King Cyrus, then act like it! Seize this divine opportunity to stand with policies that best reflect our values.  Don’t chicken out now that the heat is on. I can’t believe how many Evangelical leaders have their head in the sand! Just because this evil seems fantastic and unacceptable to your sensibilities, does not make it any less real.

With the very same breath that we call Satan a liar…we must call falsehood out!  Preachers all over America must ring the bell of liberty in their pulpits, and call out the intellectual frauds who are destroying our freedom.

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Source: You—Not Trump—Are The Real Target. | Mario Murillo

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