You Can’t Stop What Jesus Is Building

Mario Murillo shares a bold declaration: You Can’t Stop What Jesus Is Building. He shares decrees that will shake the enemy of God, points out that despite what is happening in California and New York, to not pop the champagne cork just yet, and encourages Pastors to hold on just a little bit longer.

Mario Murillo says you can't stop what Jesus is building, encouragement for Pastors and more


The rage of California; New York elitism; secular progressive education; Hollywood; and Silicon Valley— all these self-identify as the Gates of Hell.  And thus, according to the Son of God, they shall not prevail. YOU CAN’T STOP WHAT JESUS IS BUILDING. You are no match for the Mighty One who is building His church.

Don’t be fooled by your artificial gains.  It may seem like the faithful have been driven underground. It may look like perversion is prevailing.  By your measure, oh enemy of Christ, the church has either been diluted, counterfeited, or flat-out neutralized in America. But the truth is: it is all a façade.

Have you succeeded in creating a post-Christian America? Don’t pop the champagne cork just yet. California and New York can pass all the laws they want. They will not suffocate the Word of God. They will only play into God’s hands. Are you attempting to deny the hunger of the human heart for Jesus? That strategy will only increase the hunger for the true reality of God’s Kingdom.

Politicians and influencers with immoral lifestyles claim to be Christian, hoping to blur the truth of the Bible. That too will backfire.  Jesus said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my Word will not pass away.”

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