You Are Being Summoned! Arise and Take Your Mountain!

Jon Hamil shares a prophetic dream he had recently while in Georgia for some meetings. He shares what he saw had two aspects with arising and securing God’s Kingdom on your mountain. One was learning to move supernaturally by His Spirit, and the second facet is your summons to the summit.


Fascinating, right? The dream seemed so real. It was was vivid but visually very dark, which I guess is to be expected when conveying a midnight ascension and a factory under renovation. Revelation came quickly, especially regarding cleansing and soaring. But details within the rest of the dream were honestly puzzling. My processing skills were of little use. Over the past few weeks I have really leaned into the Holy Spirit for revelation. Here are some keys.

1. The mountain. The mountain near the factory seemed so ominous. Was it an actual geographic location? Did it represent a “high place”? Spiritual mapping theories raced through my mind. Then the Spirit of the Lord demystified the meaning: The mountain actually represents the mountain of government. In a midnight hour, we, as the Body of Christ, are being summoned to the summit!

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Source: You Are Being Summoned! Arise and Take Your Mountain! | The Elijah List

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