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We’re looking for a few good writers! Have you ever read a news article and really had something to say about it, but didn’t have somewhere to publish it? Would you love the opportunity to share your take on today’s headlines with the 7m Underground’s public audience?

Whatever you wish to discuss in regards to today’s news on politics, government, law-makers and breakers – if it’s relevant to something you read in today’s news, we are waiting to hear what you’ve got to say!

If you’re interested in writing for 7m Underground, please use the form below to submit your article in full. But first, a few things to remember:

  • All articles must be professionally written. This is citizen journalism at it’s finest, and we want only your best work. Articles will not be hidden behind a paywall, so we’ll strive to provide the public with seriously amazing content!

  • Since every article is going to be related to another you’ve read, please know that we require full citation when referencing ANY article, video, or photo. Full credit at all times is extremely important. Make sure that any photos used are credited to the original photographer, not just the site where you found it. No citations, will mean no publishing. (See this resource for help.)

  • Articles must be a minimum of 300 words. Preferably upwards of 600-800 words.

  • Every submission will be vetted by a member of the 7mU staff. Should we for any reason feel your submission is not a good fit for the site in any way, we reserve the right to not publish it. If we have any questions, we’ll email you. We also reserve the right to edit submissions for accuracy, spelling and grammar, and to select photos other than those submitted.

  • Please do not submit anything you’ve written and published elsewhere. We will be checking for original content only, and anything that fails our tests will not be published.

  • You may enter your name as the author of the article, and we’d love to share a profile photo if you wish to use one (make sure that’s one of your uploaded images) – and once it’s published we highly encourage you to share it with family and friends on social media!

  • Visit this page we put together with some amazing information about how to cite your sources, use images, and other guidelines. (This is a prerequisite read – be sure to check it out before you submit an article below!)

Let’s build the reach of the 7m Underground far and wide!