Working For Those Who Hate Him

Mario Murillo shares his thoughts that came to him while he listened to President Trump’s State Of The Union speech.  One of those thoughts Murillo considers a sort of miracle is that despite everything, our President keeps going. He keeps fighting to make things better, even for those who hate him including those rejecting his calls for unity.



And finally, to all of you celebrity Pastors still afraid of support Trump because he is not “pastor” material, let me say this: Would you stay in a church where half of the people lied about you every day and wanted you out.  Would you—knowing there were greener pastures, a bigger church with a higher salary and more adulation—stay and serve?  Yeah I see why you look down on Trump.

Government work?  Trump didn’t need it.  But tell me, where else could Obama have gone?  Can you see Barack trying to build a business in New York City?  He couldn’t do anything but government…and, in my opinion, he was deplorable in government—buttressed by the fantasies of the liberal left.  Again, I can see why you credit Obama for our current economic boom and you hate Trump.

With all bias against him and the massive unfairness heaped on him…Trump still wants to make America great.  How easily—Mr. celebrity pastor—could Trump say, “the heck with all this, I don’t need this for me and my family.”

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Source: Working For Those Who Hate Him | Mario Murillo

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