Women on the Moon: Prophet Charlie Shamp

Prophet Charlie Shamp: This is quite a word for women! And the moon?! Mining of a brand new type is coming, as well as the return to space exploration! Are you wondering what else God might have planned? While some focus on doom and gloom, Charlie’s word brings hope, encouragement, and a glimpse into the future which involves a kingdom mindset.


Excerpt from Prophet Charlie Shamp:

A great sign will appear in the heavens above; yes a woman clothed with the energy of the sun, the moon resting under her feet will be seen simultaneously throughout the world. The world will wonder at this sight of the first woman to step foot on the surface of the moon, a Wonder Woman. It will be a marvel and a sign to this generation of an acceleration of technology and life expansion.”

In the spirit I could see a new frontier was about to come forth from above. A great new gold rush and the mining of asteroids for materials in space was about to begin. I could see vast amounts of wealth came to the earth as a result of the explorations.

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Source: Women on the Moon: Prophet Charlie Shamp

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