Women of God: You Are a Mighty Force!

This is a great word of encouragement for women from Lorelei Cooley for women. She shares how she has had a powerful sense that the Lord is birthing many mothers, that he is raising them up to go after the ones no one wanted, and more.


I heard the Lord say, “I am releasing many women into brand new assignments, where you will be well equipped, trained, and fashioned in such a way, that many people will know that Christ is in you. I am strengthening, healing, restoring, and empowering you again to go forth. You will not come out the same the way you went into the wilderness. You are coming out radically changed, transformed and unrecognizable, but recognizable in Christ.

“You are going into the enemy’s territory and wreaking havoc in his camp. He has relentlessly tried to stop these mothers from coming forth for so long, but no longer, I say. No longer,” says the Lord of hosts. “They will run with the wind of My Spirit upon them to do things they have never imagined; to do the things they can only do through the empowerment of My Spirit. They will reach the ones I am coming for, they will go after the lost and snatch them out.

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Source: Women of God: You Are a Mighty Force! | The Elijah List

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