Women of God – Rise Up and Answer the Call!

Dehavilland Ford shares a dream regarding the role of women and the call of God for them to rise up. Ford shares what her dream meant as well as a call for repentance, and why it is important.



It is interesting to me because, as women, we often ask our children to repent when they’ve done wrong, or our spouses when they’ve made mistakes. Well, I believe God is asking women to take the first step in repentance. Why must women repent? In America, we opened the doors to feminism and liberalism – two movements that resulted in the abortion crisis, all done in the name of having rights to our own bodies. As a result, over 60 million babies have been aborted. Women must take responsibility as priests before the Lord in brokenness for what breaks our heavenly Father’s heart. In response, God will act on behalf of our prayers.

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Source: Women of God – Rise Up and Answer the Call! | The Elijah List

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