Why Can’t We Heal?

On the 18th anniversary of 9/11, Mario Murillo asks the question “why can’t we heal?” He also addresses our country’s current cultural issues, and more.


Villains are now victims and victims are now villains.  The only thing as ugly as 9/11, is our ugly and ongoing reactions to 9/11.

The whole world knows we are slouching toward Gomorrah.  North Korea knows it and flaunts its nuclear crimes.  Russia knows it and intimidates our pilots.  Iran knows it—demanding and receiving billions in ransoms from our president—then laughing in our face as they continue to expand their nuclear bomb program.  China knows it and openly displays contempt whenever possible.

Yes, it is the 18th anniversary of the one day that should galvanize our resolve to once again be the home of the brave.  We should weep over the loss of our loved ones, but especially over the loss of God’s blessing.  We should be repenting and returning to the roots of our greatness.

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Source: Why Can’t We Heal? | Mario Murillo


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