Who Will Rise Up In Great Boldness?

Katie Barker shares a prophetic word that the Lord spoke regarding how He is causing many to arise with His boldness in this season and the new things He is calling them to. She shares how boldness will come in several areas-evangelism, prophecy, and teaching. He is also causing realignment for some, the key to boldness is a life surrendered to Him, and filled with His Spirit.


The Lord then said, “You will know the ones that carry My true Word and message, for they carry My heart and walk to the rhythm of My Spirit. The message they release will be one that draws My Body to the path of truth and holiness. The message they release will prepare the way. The message they release will bring realignment and blessing to those who heed their message. They will speak forth My Word with boldness for they know it is not their words but Mine they are releasing. They are pure vessels through which My message flows.

“I am causing greater doors of opportunity to open for My prophets to release My words for nations to those in governmental positions. Many will have counsel with key people in high-standing positions in the nations in order for My strategies for realignment of nations to be released to those in authority. These doors are opening on the back of the intercession of My people who are standing for the nations. So now is the time for intercessors to rise up and take their place.”

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Source: Who Will Rise Up In Great Boldness? | The Elijah List

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