Which Joaquin did what?

Joaquin Phoenix will be starring in the new Joker movie that highlights his descent into madness. Not to be confused with Joaquin Castro, the crazy Congressman from Texas who is simply mad. Joaquin, on the heels of multiple shootings, decided to publicly target the President’s political supporters. He listed their names, occupations and their employers – in his own community of San Antonio! Lovely.

Betto O’Rourke suffers a mental challenge of a different sort. He’s decided that the best way to cool down tensions over shootings is to call Trump and his followers nazis. And excite all this as the president arrives. Clearly the dumbest man to ever put on shoes in Texas.

Castro’s brother is running for President. How did this guy ever become a Congressman? His brother is a Soros-favored candidate. Will Joaquin publish who is funding him?

Source: Joaquin Castro Under Fire for Targeting Trump Supporters | Breitbart

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