When The Fire Falls, Donald Trump Goes To Church

America’s cities are literally burning and many of us watching the rioting are horrified because we thought America was more unified than this. Politicians, journalists and actors are cheering on the anarchy and we need to wonder where are the voices that will bring reason, calm, and clarity back to this situation? There is an evil in America right now, there are organizations out there that are exploiting what’s happening in order to create an even greater incendiary manner. This is being fanned by media and supported by organizations funded to produce anarchy.

I want to tell you the story you haven’t heard about the incendiary picture of President Trump standing outside the church in Washington DC, the reaction of the Democrat clergy, and Donald Trump’s faith in America’s Christians. Also, what was the President going to be doing at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine? Who has been funding this anarchy? Socialism is a huge part of their anarchy and they plan to overthrow the economic stability of the United States.

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