When I Am in It, I Will Do It Suddenly

Cindy Jacobs shares a word of encouragement for those who may be in a time of needing direction. She shares what the Lord speaks as it relates to those who are like the tribe of Issachar, and a word picture involving dominoes.


Some of you, like the tribe of Issachar, are in a “kingdom” right now—in a place or situation that you know needs to change, but you cannot see how to change. Maybe it’s a financial thing you can’t see. You’re in one job, but you know you need to go to another job. Or you’re in one situation and you know that in order to go to another situation, there are a lot of details and a lot of people that might be involved. But the Lord says, “When I am in it, I will do it suddenly. When I am in it, all those dominoes are going to be released.”

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Source: When I Am in It, I Will Do It Suddenly | The Elijah List

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