What would be even more heroic?

I’d like to see Bernie distribute his million dollar book sale profits among the hard working volunteers who are trying to make him President.

Is this what he did?


Beware of socialists who get votes by forcing businessmen and women to distribute profits. Especially when these politicians don’t practice what they preach.

Ask any of these enemies of business how many jobs they created in their life? How many businesses did they launch? How many people did they lift out of poverty through their Entrepreneurial skill? And what happens when a company makes a profit? What does it do? Does it stuff cash into pillows or does it not invest in new studios and technology and hire new potential profit centers? And what does that do in terms of jobs?

Human nature is selfish, but I trust the self interest of the marketplace working to maximize its competitive edge more than I trust the self interest of a socialist working to tear down business and foment employee unrest.

The businessman has to work with the discipline of the marketplace to correct excesses. If they overspend they go out of business.

When these politicians overspend YOU go out of business. There is nothing to correct them. They really do stink at business. Their business is 22 Trillion dollars in DEBT!!! And they work for YOU! Let them succeed in this Socialist “give away” everything “climate crisis” movement and America will hit the debt breaking point and collapse into another Great Depression. And it will be because nut jobs broke the worlds strongest economic engine by attempting to run it on 😎 CoolAid.

Fire them. Fire them all.

As the master once said: “Disregard them! They are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Mt 15:14)

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