What Will The Left Choose To Risk?

Ladies, imagine your 17-year-old son being publicly smeared by Democrats in front of you for sexual assaults that cannot be proven? Fast forward 35 years and watch the proudest moment of your life reduced to a perverse assault on your son’s name in the presence of you, your son’s wife and their teenage children? That’s what the modern day Left has become – a destructive force with a seared conscience.

Is there an upside to all this? YES! Our greatest enemy as a nation is ignorance. The Left has taken control of media and academia and education. But that’s not enough. It wants to control all aspects of your life, and that requires the vast all-powerful levers of government. In China, they have enhanced this power through facial recognition and technology (thanks Google) to expand their control over their citizen’s life and thoughts. (Just found out that Washington’s largest law firm now represents China.)

That’s the battle at the end of the age. It’s the Beast System foretold in prophecy. However, there is another narrative the church is awakening to. Matt 25 says that when the Son of man returns at the climax of history, He will separate the nations into two categories – Sheep and Goat nations. Will America be a Goat nation? I don’t think so. Not in the end. The reason I am hopeful is that evil is being unmasked for what it is.

It’s the Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction Moment all over again!

It’s the moment when Moms and Dads all over America get to witness the creepy Stormy Daniels Lawyer shove your face into his sordid story of genital exposure and group date rape. It will be unbearable to watch – and that’s good. Why? Because the devil has a weakness. He can’t help but overplay his hand. This was the mistake Hell made with Jesus in His crucifixion, and it’s the mistake they are on course to make with this good man.

When the true nature of what we are up against is unmasked a wave of revulsion, and political backlash will follow in its wake. I’m hearing nervous conservatives express fear that a failure to confirm Kavanaugh will result in Republicans sabotaging their Mid Term candidates in collective protest of their parties spinelessness.


1. If Kavanaugh is confirmed he will have been so badly burned by the Left that he will be like Clarence Thomas, a man solidified in his conservative philosophy by the “high tech lynching” he went through. Kavanaugh -the moderate- will have no love lost on the Democrats who traumatized his family.

2. Deny this man what he deserves, and the Left will make him a martyr. The Supreme Court will be an issue again just like Scalia’s seat became a powerful issue! The Left will give their opposition a reason to vote. This will lead to a backlash from a newly energized, angry, clear-headed, Republican base.

Both options are dangers to the left.
Both are what they risk.


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