What was the one thing that caused Jesus to MARVEL?

What was the one thing that caused Jesus to MARVEL? Recently I have noticed incredible increase in the intensity of the spiritual warfare that is going on over the United States. We’ve seen it played out in this drama between competing power systems working together to flat out derail the President of the United States and disrupt his ability to stay in office.


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  1. Anita ostrander

    Your teaching is right on. I believe a major reason for the disunity of the saints is because too many are babies and have not died to their own sense of righteousness and indignation of matters in their own backyard. For instance, i had a vision of being in the middle of a cyclone and yet being perfectly still, perfectly at peace. This is God’s will for my life, yet at work a nagging issue which makes me blow a gasket every time I’m faced with it reared up and once again i reacted in a rage (inwardly), which led me to handle the situation in a most ungraceful, worldly fashion. I was instantly convicted. Home is where Christians must get their training in trusting God in that situation you feel you must handle it yourself. It’s called character development. We must get over feeling we have the right of self protection and trust Gods plan. I have 3 chickens that i let out but that wouldn’t go back to their pen in the snow when night time came. They were cold and confused. I (the parent) had to rescue them and put them in safety. All the chickens had to do were to wait to be rescued and then allow me (trust me) to put them back into their house. They waited on me. I thought to myself that this was a good lesson for me to wait on the Lord..yet , the very next day i wanted to fight a battle that the Lord did not want me to fight and i ended up feeling sorry and ashamed. In other words, as you said, we cannot possibly be Gods mouthpiece, his arms, his legs if we refuse to die to our flesh which is enmity towards God! We must make humility towards God and His spirit a PRIORITY. Once empty of ourself, our worldliness, our reasoning, our rights, we can let God take control and have clear direction of where He wants us and what He wants us do and nothing will be able to stop us! Operating under Heaven with one mind, one commander

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