What is Your Strategy?

After coming out of a “secret” meeting, one of the important topics discussed is that there is no strategy in the church. I find that amazing. They gays have a strategy. Black Lives Matter has a strategy. Code Pink has a strategy. World Without Borders has a strategy. George Soros has a strategy.

The church has a strategy. It is a bad strategy. It is thinking that God is going to somehow send an awakening because we need one. That’s like expecting that God is going to send money because we’re broke.

Maybe it is how you are running your business is what is causing you to grow broke. Maybe the way we are engaging is what is causing America to be spiritually bankrupt. Because everyone is out building his own house, his own ministry instead of going to the root of the issue. Which is how do we engage in a discussion. Spiritually we have to break through. But then we have to create something that is an aftermath.

So something needs to be created that provides a hub for the spokes to connect with.

What is the difference between strategy and tactics? What can we learn from D-Day? Where does the Underground come into play? What are you doing to create a culture? What evil are we dispossessing in our sphere in influence? What truth are we establishing?

The website is getting close.  There is a lot of pressure on the micro-church thing. I would like to see our micro-churches begin as intercessory micro-churches rather than activity. Can you get 2 or 3 people in your life to support you and agree with you in what you are called to do? Start there. Your first step isn’t changing Washington, it is starting with 2 or 3 people right where you are.

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