What Is Happening In The Spirit Realm And America Right Now?


Here is my pre-Christmas analysis on “what’s happening in the spirit realm and here in America.” Why do I include both? Because the reality is, what is happening in one, affects the other.

While I was in Mar-A-Lago recently listening to Rush Limbaugh at the SAS2018 Conference, he shared about the battle our President has been facing. On the one side he has “Sleepy Todd from Meet The Depressed,” coming after him, and then Ann Coulter lambasted him so badly that he unfollowed her on Twitter!

We need to turn up the juice and understand something here, WE prayed him INTO OFFICE. Our President also listens to the spirit of truth! Are you catching this? He listens to the few prophetic voices who are affirming, the few who are encouraging him, and the few who have a prophetic anointing to expose the left for what it isa pernicious ideology that is going to destroy America if it isn’t arrested.

Don’t miss out as I pray for us near the end to have even greater discernment, for a sound mind and for greater peace.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Anita Ostrander

    You nail it Lance! And you are very funny! I t is hard to be bold and speak facts, and use logic with liberal minded people. I find where i work , that conservatives tend to nod their head in agreement so as not to cause a stir. However, when I’ve decided to be bold and actually discuss the point giving my opposite point of view, the liberals tend to be the ones to be quiet. Granted, you get a reputation, but these same ppl will come back for my opinion or test me to see what i have to say about a particular topic. I think Conservatives need to feel confident to be as bold as liberals with their opinions. The majority of liberal minded ppl are not going to retaliate. They will stop talking because they are not used to being challenged with facts and logic. Problem with conservatives is they are not willing to pay a price to be bold, but if they don’t get a different mindset quickly, it is going to cost them! We must , as individuals , be bold with our faith and our politics and with our unwavering stand with Pres Trump. I believe we can change the direction of the country if only we stand courageously for what we believe in. We are in a war and i am finally at a point where i am hoping to stand every chance i get even it means losing everything because if we don’t we are going to lose everything anyway

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