What Happens When Prophets MISS An ELECTION PROPHECY?

Steve Shultz addresses the question regarding prophecies that don’t come to pass and prophets miss it. He shared his conversation (with permission) with Prophet Charlie Shamp who had made specific predictions regarding the 2018 midterm elections.



From Steve: Charlie, it’s your wee hours of the morning in Kenya. We are at early returns right now and it’s not much looking like a red wave or red tsunami. Wondered if you still felt it would be a red win?

From Charlie: Hey Steve, I am still very confident in what I was shown from the Lord and am saddened by what I see in the natural. After what has taken place with the word regarding Brazil coming to pass, it’s hard to concede that something was not wrong with the results of this election. However, I also have to have integrity regarding the prophetic and recognize that what I was shown did not come to pass. Prophecy is not conspiracy as you well know, and I will not try to blame-shift publicly. I don’t want to try and twist the word in anyway to buffer criticism, as I feel that God will justify it in the future and we will see something unexpected come out of this. I’m grateful for you and the Elijah List for standing with me as a young prophet over the years.

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Source: What Happens When Prophets MISS An ELECTION PROPHECY? | The Elijah List

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