What Happened Today?

It was sort of creepy today as Big Tech is on the Hill and being asked by two Democratic Senators to better monitor or silence the voices of people Democrats disagree with. This is where the Left goes… total control and domination over the lives of others.

In this broadcast we also show you strange and unexplained numbers popping up in Georgia and Michigan and Pennsylvania.

And I talk about a vision that a prophet had that revealed the feet of Jesus descending a staircase. He heard the Lord say, “I am coming quickly, hold fast your crown lest another take it.” He took it to mean that the Lord is stepping into a position to judge the situation and not to accept loss of the crown off this administration. Our job is to hold fast in prayer.

What we need is for judges to see evidence such as what you’ll see here. It will hopefully compel them to stop certification of results till a thorough rechecking of votes occurs in disputed or irregular counties.


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