What Gratitude Does to Your Brain

This article gives 6 points on what gratitude does and why it is so beneficial, even physically. Additionally, this covers when it is not appropriate especially when it is inauthentic. An example of that can include when dealing with abuse, trauma, or even death. Expressing gratitude could be taken as inadequate or false in those cases.


The concept of gratitude has captivated the hearts and minds of philosophers and spiritual teachers for centuries. From Cicero, to the Buddha, to Adam Smith, gratitude was thought to be essential to individual and societal well-being.

These ancient philosophers were onto something because recent scientific studies suggest gratitude is good for our health and good for society. Studies suggest grateful people are happierhealthiermore well-restedmore motivated to exercise, and have stronger relationships. Let’s dive into why.

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Source: What Gratitude Does to Your Brain | Thrive Global

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