What God Showed Me Over the Next 5 Years

Rebecca shares a vision she had of the United States while interceding in prayer. She shares how she saw Jesus standing above a large map of the nation and that He was intentionally highlighting specific regions, including what will take place in the next five years.


Initially, I saw Jesus in the northern region of the United States, and I heard Him say, “There will be an unlocking of original covenants in the land that will cause the nation to shift into righteous covenant. As this unlocking occurs it will pave a way throughout 2019, leading into 2020, and 4 years following 2020 for continued and increased righteous governance in the White House that will lead this land. This government will continue to decree righteousness through alignments with key nations, standing for life of the unborn, the supporting of Israel and the belief in Christian values and prayer.”

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Source: What God Showed Me Over the Next 5 Years | The Elijah List

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