What David Went Through in Psalm 64

Sharing with you the story of David who had conspiracies and what he went through…

So here’s the situation, I want you guys to look at Psalm 64 and take a look at what David went through. You know there’s nothing new under the sun, that’s what Solomon said. David had conspiracies. Remember he had conspiracies with Absolom. He had conspiracies that Joab was a part of. In Psalm 64 he is just so exasperated and he starts to pray, he’s asking God to deliver him from his enemies. Now catch this, doesn’t this just sound like what they’re doing with the Mueller probe and then getting his files from his own lawyer and prosecuting him for every woman that happened over a decade or more ago (that he had a one night fling with)? This is what David called they accomplished a “diligent search”. A “diligent search” means an “accusatory investigation”, it’s what Mueller’s whole thing is…


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