What Changed America?

Christianity and Secularism. Both are at odds with each other and is becoming more noticeable in culture. Which one will have more of an impact? David Lane’s article brilliantly describes the task at hand, the battle we face here in America.

Here’s an excerpt:

A difficult and most unwelcome task awaits the followers of Christ. We must now deal with the collateral damage from having squandered America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and Biblically-based culture. In essence, Divine protection cannot be counted upon once one has forsaken the path of duty. Like the sweet Psalmist of Israel, Christians eased off over the last century, when we should have girded on the sword. The luxuries of the palace and the peace on offer inside church walls were preferred over the hardships of fighting the battle in the public square. Secularism’s decadent generation holds physical beauty and hedonistic behavior, such as that of the Kardashians, in higher regard than virtue and character.


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