Voter Fraud Is A Real Threat In 2020 – Here’s What YOU Can Do About It!

The 2020 election is almost here and with the COVID-19 situation, there’s been a massive push to expand mail in voting across the nation. We all know the risks of mail in voting, Bill Barr told CNN that mail in voting leaves open “the possibility of counterfeiting, counterfeiting ballots either by someone here or someone overseas.”

We also know that every election, state officials across the country need the help of an army of volunteer citizens as poll workers. This year is going to be different, as the average poll worker is over 60 years old, which puts them right in the high-risk category for COVID-19.

So how can we make sure our election is going to be fair in 2020, with those volunteers unable to help?

There’s a simple solution, but it will need patriots like you to stand up for our democracy. I want to urge every American who can, to sign up to become a poll worker or election official in their state or county. This election you can make a difference.

Poll workers and election workers help run the polling places and county the votes, election observers, poll watchers and challengers observe the process and take notes. All of these volunteers are vital to ensure the integrity of our elections.

Here is what you need to do right now:

Step 1: Click the link for your state to register to become an election official or poll worker.

Step 2: Share this with as many of your friends and family as possible and ask them to sign up

Alabama Kentucky North Dakota
Alaska Louisiana Ohio
Arizona Maine Oklahoma
Arkansas Maryland Oregon
California Massachusetts Pennsylvania
Colorado Michigan Rhode Island
Connecticut Minnesota South Carolina
D.C. Mississippi South Dakota
Delaware Missouri Tennessee
Florida Montana Texas
Georgia Nebraska Utah
Hawaii Nevada Vermont
Idaho New Hampshire Virginia
Illinois New Jersey Washington
Indiana New Mexico West Virginia
Iowa New York Wisconsin
Kansas North Carolina Wyoming

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71 Comments on "Voter Fraud Is A Real Threat In 2020 – Here’s What YOU Can Do About It!"

  1. Caleb Cosman

    I wish I could take part in the electoral process on the ground, but I’m from Toronto! I have been praying for God to expose election fraud and that every false ballot would be stricken form the record and DIS-counted. It’s God’s will for him to win and to have a full, victorious 2nd term (perhaps longer?). Praying for America and Trump 2020 and for God to send people to expose deep state electoral officials and fraudulent practices at the ballot box/stuffing/shredding/machine manipulation. We need spirit filled patriots watching over it. PLEASE look up battle for Athens, Tennessee! If we stand up and confront the deep state officials on the local level, God will back us up totally. God bless you all! Get ready for a violent, malevolent storm, it is here, even at the door!

    • Teressa

      With the Patriots here in America, we will make sure Biden never gets into our Whitehouse … We stopped Hillary and we’ll stop Pedo Joe !!!

  2. Amy Wright

    Just realized I didn’t give you my name and email.
    When I tried to share via FB Messenger, FB shut me down. Said it was hate and violence…. Give the option to share via email, please.

  3. Amy Wright

    Update: I was able to share via FB messenger but I had to send individually. So I think it’s certain people in my contact list that have deemed anything about the election, etc as hate and violence. Idk. FB is lock step with the Left.

  4. Mike

    I’m trying to sign up to become a poll worker, in the state of Washington, and your site only brings up Washington DC not Washington State?

  5. Tami Graves

    The link to Washington (state) takes me to Washington DC!
    Please provide the link to Washington State to volunteer at the polls.

  6. Jayne Redmond

    I am claiming 164 million citizens of the 328 million citizens to come out and vote in November 3rd. We cannot give them an inch. I am too old and not well enough to be a poll worker but I am an intercessor.

  7. Kathleen Nickerson

    I live in Washington state and we have been voting by mail ever since i can remember.. don’t know how to get involved but want to help. I have asked if there are ANY polling stations in the city of Seattle, or elsewhere for that matter. I would GLADLY travel to vote if I could. I’m sorry this state is so locked down, literally, in every way. I’m sharing as much as I can by way of internet to get people to wake up, and it makes me incredibly sad that so many of God’s people are disengaged. I pray daily that He will open their eyes.

  8. Kathleen McCallister

    Already drafted as a poll worker in 2016 & 2020. I saw fraud in 2016.
    THANK YOU for telling folks to volunteer! Dems are everywhere in the process! I’m in Nebraska.
    Polish immigrants with green cards NOT citizens are being offered absentee ballots!

  9. Joan Weaber

    Why is there no WA State selection? Even though we are mail in or dropoff only, the ballots must still be counted. Couldn’t we oversee the counting?

  10. Rebecca V

    The link you have listed for the state of Washington is incorrect, this is for Washington DC. I tried to find the correct location for the state of Washington but can’t find one.

  11. David M

    I’m not sure how signing up as poll workers will eliminate voter fraud. How does this prevent intentionally lost ballots that never reach the post office or are discarded by post office workers or delivery drivers? There’s lots of fraud that could/will happen outside of the polling stations, unfortunately.

    Yes, signing up as a polling worker is good and should be encouraged but it could only stop fraud within the polling station, not the majority whoch occurs outside or before the polling station.

  12. Hi

    I just voted a few weeks ago in Florida and went to sign up to be a poll worker following the links here. They ask for my info at Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections page and when I put it in it says there are no records of me being registered. Very strange since a week before the election I confirmed online and I was registered and everything was fine. Now it isn’t =(

  13. Carl G Smith

    The Washington poll information is for Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia)
    I need the information for Washington State. Am I missing seeing the link, or is it not up yet?

  14. Gwen Vaughn

    If I weren’t 70 years old with paralyzed diaphragm and diabetes, etc., I would volunteer. As it is I plan to hand deliver my vote. I’ve been voting by mail for years, but this time I’m going to take it directly to we office.

  15. Patti Selleck

    Thanks for sharing this info. It was perfectly timed as just yesterday I was considering becoming a poll worker to help. It was a confirmation and just made it a no brainer!

  16. Angela B Quinton

    I called my co election board to get info on voting in person since I’ve been voting absentee. Called back to see if they needed poll workers. I should hear something Tue. Thanks for doing this!

  17. Rema

    I submitted an application for Tulsa county in Oklahoma. It was better for me to do my own search for the Poll Workers Portal in my county.

  18. Mary Frances Begley

    Thank you, Lance! Dine-signed up for Virginia! I’ve posted in FB too! Again, thank you for the heads up! ❤️🙏🇺🇸✝️🕊⚔️AsOne

  19. Rick Belski

    Thanks for the information and encouragement Lance, I just received confirmation that I’ve been appointed an Officer of Election for Virginia. Any insights to prepare for the experience would be appreciated!

  20. Rick Belski

    … for example, should I “prefer to represent the Republican Party” (I am a registered Republican) or “prefer to be unaffilated”? Is there a strategic benefit to one over the other?

  21. Lance, I am now the Academic Dean of a 40-campus Bible College and Seminary around the world. I plan to share this link with all of our students in the U.S. I have written an extensive article on this subject if you’d like to see it: Mail-In Ballots: The Only Way Trump Can Lose - ALSO, with all the censorship on social media, don’t you think it’s about time conservative Christians started our own platform? If you and some of the other major influencers got behind it, we could shake the dust of Facebook & Twitter off our feet and communicate without censorship. I would certainly promote it to my 250,000 readers.

  22. Bonnie England

    I signed up to work on elections in Arizona. I never thought of doing this! Thank you for promoting this! When I saw this I knew right away God wanted me to do it because I had been asking God what I could do (I have been praying a lot though for our President, our country and the elections!).

  23. Frances Jane Behl

    Based on your request, I am volunteering at our polling station. I have never been this involved in any political election. I’m with out doubt there will be cheating across our country. We must continue to pray for mercy on America. I’m afraid we are in for a not so pleasant end to 2020 and into 2021. Thank you Lance for sharing such valuable information.

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