Verbal Media Brawl In The Rose Garden

A brawl nearly broke out at White House as fake news accused true news of demonic possession.

I will be interested to see if Facebook suppresses the distribution of this Breitbart post. Left-wing Soros-funded Media Matters, targeted and took out Breitbart from access to the White House press pool while complete Bozo’s in the fake news industry enjoy access.

The fake news missed Brexit, but Breitbart nailed it Fake news bought into the Russia fantasy when Breitbart exposed it.

Fake news mocked the border crisis when Breitbart revealed it.

Fake news and Playboy get access, Breitbart gets rejected, and thanks to Leftist Media Matters, they also got whacked by algorithms at Google and Facebook.

Who makes these decisions? Does that not burn you up?

Speaking of Playboy, one of their so-called “journalists” named Brian Karem could hardly keep from manifesting today when in the presence of conservative social media personalities at the White House, shouting that they were “a group of people that are eager for demonic possession.” I kid you not. What does that suggest to you? Why would this guy start yelling about demonic possession?


The Trump-hating Russian conspiracy journalists are exposing themselves to a spirit of deception. Paul warned about this and actually said: “In the last day’s evil men will wax worse and worse, deceiving others and being deceived themselves.” (rather than give you the verse I will let you look it up. It’s revealing.)

I’ve said and repeat again that the Bible speaks about the “false prophet” in the book of Revelations and I believe that this is a spirit, a world ruler if you will. I believe it animates the global fake news industry. They are the modern false prophets of Baal… serving a Jezebel power that is linked to politics. It is just like the days of old – which suggests that an Elijah mantle may be nearing the scene.

May God grant those who hate us the grace and ability to escape this snare.

Source: Brawl Breaks Out in Rose Garden Between Conservatives and Media: ‘You’re Not a Journalist, You’re a Punk!’ | Breitbart

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