Unprecedented Praise and Worship will Shift Nations!

Mary Dorian shares how she had a vision while she had been in prayer seeking the Lord for what was on His heart for 2019. In the vision, she was shown desperate people around the world looking at the Church with great hope. The Lord also spoke to her about praise and worship, as well as several states, Tennessee, California and the midwest.


This new year will be filled with praise and worship of God. I tell you that even the rocks will cry out. Heaven will join Earth in praising and worshiping our God. Atmospheres of nations will change as the praises go forth. New songs will be composed from the very realms of the heavens and bring healing to people of every tribe, and nation. The awakening we long to see, will also be ushered in by our praise. Praise changes things.

2019 will also be the year of the witnesses. We will witness many things that we have never seen before. A change in the guard in Church leadership will be felt worldwide. Some ministry leaders will be promoted to Heaven for their years of faithful service, but what is unique is that we will see new leadership rise up, not necessarily the norm.

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Source: Unprecedented Praise and Worship will Shift Nations! | The Elijah List

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