Unprecedented Power, Authority And Domain In The Nations!

Marc Brisebois shares a word regarding power, authority, and domain, and not just in our own lives but also for lands and nations. He shares the words “Eminent Domain,” their significance, and how this applies to the following word.


This means anything natural governments invoke or declare can be reversed. There is a higher government with greater rights! God’s government is capable of re-ordering land use according to the design and purpose of the “original owner.” God has the preeminent right of Eminent Domain.

The promise being released to our hearts says there is no permanence in any authority but God’s. Everything else is subject to change. No matter what they do or who they represent, there is only One capable of establishing unchangeable things.

Thus, from a purely legal standpoint, we have an authority to re-order land uses. This includes nations, cities and regions of any kind. As ambassadors, the people of God are the agency of Heaven, complete with delegated powers. Both ancient and new covenants are subject to the absolute will of Heaven for which we are given the mandate to declare, “Your Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.” “Change of use” decrees are coming!

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