Trump’s Tulsa Rally – Shake America Great Again Pt. 2

In part 2 of the video let’s look at why Democratic Mayors will let their people make a statement, even if it’s a burning precinct or takeover of neighborhoods. It’s the voters and taxpayers fault in the end. Someone is electing them. It never seems to get reversed. Why?

Will Kamala Harris be made V.P. soon?

President Trump revealed that China and Iran have been told by the traitorous John Kerry to wait for the old team to return to power. All of them, plus the hate America Wall Street globalists, are holding out for the defeat of Trump. That will be the collapse of America, but they don’t see it. The god of this age has blinded both the guides and their followers.

But I feel the zeal of the Lord of Hosts and that means there’s something stirring. “When the enemy comes in… LIKE A FLOOD THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD WILL RAISE A STANDARD AGAINST HIM.”

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