Trump Wins Big

Mario Murillo takes a look at the debacle called the Mueller investigation. The long, drawn-out investigation, followed by the congressional hearing this week, reestablished the fact that our President has won yet again, and big.


Rachel’s reign as champion of the ‘big-fat-nothing-burger-cringe’ ended today, as Mueller became the new champion, when the latest hearing went over like a pregnant pole-vaulter.  It was the thud heard round the world…

We learned absolutely nothing new, and in fact, we may know less about the Mueller investigation than we knew before.

Chris Wallace said that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s House Hearing has turned into a “disaster for Democrats, and for the former FBI director’s reputation.” Indeed, it has.

Mueller, who is often celebrated in the media for laser-like thinking, had to ask lawmakers to regularly repeat their questions, seemingly struggling to pay attention.

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Source: Trump Wins Big | Mario Murillo

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