Trump Showdown with Pelosi and Schumer Over Border Wall

By Sheri Horton

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump met with Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Their discussion about building the Mexican border wall turned tense when “shutting the government down” arose.
The body language of the two Democrats spoke almost louder than their words. Pelosi sat stiffly, and Schumer could hardly keep eye contact with the President. Then there was the constant adjusting on the couch. Schumer kept turning his head away whenever the President spoke. Pelosi’s several hand gestures and pursing her mouth. In fact, one could almost imagine a cat-fight to break out at any moment. Except this would be tame house cats trying to fight a lion.

Trump Showdown with Pelosi and Schumer Over Border Wall

The decision to make their meeting public was a last-minute one. After several increasingly tense exchanges, Schumer quipped saying, “Elections have consequences, Mr. President.” President Trump replied stating Schumer was correct then referred to the success of the current economy.

Not long after the conversation came to a head, the lion, President Trump, made a bold, and unique statement. He said, “I am proud to shut down the government for border security; Chuck; I’ll take the mantle.”

Yet more evidence of the prophesied Cyrus “mantle” manifesting for the entire world to see.

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  1. Andrea Shrum

    I concur with Cindy L. Cooper-Yount, whose comment on this post, suggested we all send a $5 donation to the President to help fund “the Wall. “ It may not make any noticeable impact on the overall cost of the construction, but it would let President Trump know we support him and are thankful for all he is doing to restore Righteousness, Truth and Justice in our Nation!

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