Trump Campaign Releases Big Final Quarter Fundraising Numbers

Trump Final Quarter Fundraising Numbers

President Trump and Republicans in Congress continue to benefit in the fundraising department in large part due to the endless impeachment attempts by Democrats.

The Trump Campaign announced yesterday their 2019 final quarter fundraising haul of $46 million which includes $10 million in the 48 hours following Democrats’ impeachment vote. That brings Trump’s 2019 total raised to an impressive $143 million.

That does not include the final quarter haul for the Republican National Committee which will likely release similar numbers very soon.

Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale made the announcement yesterday posting,

“Staggering $46M raised by President Trump in Q4 2019.
Jaw-dropping $102.7M CoH.
This is JUST CAMPAIGN fundraising and doesn’t include RNC. That will be HUGE too.
Big response to POTUS record.
Dems impeach & Trump gets stronger!”

President Trump shared the post with the caption, “GREAT JOB!”

Parscale went further by highlighting the record-breaking nature of the Presidents war chest saying,

“Biggest number in Trump fundraising haul is $102.7M💰cash-on-hand.
Most ever by a re-election at this point.
Plus, since Trump Victory funds our massive field program thru RNC, the President’s campaign will be flush with cash to execute the game plan & expand the map.”

Among Democrat candidates for the fourth quarter, Senator Bernie Sanders brought in the most cash at $34.5 million, bringing his 2019 haul to $96 million.

Democrat hopeful Joe Biden is recovering from a lackluster fundraising showing since his entering the race in April. Biden raised just over $23 million in the fourth quarter, bringing his 2019 haul to $36.7 million.

The sizable fundraising deficit between Sanders and Biden may handicap the former Vice President as he tries to fend off challengers in a competitive primary. And it could foreshadow the coming of a capitalism v. socialism match-up that many are yearning for.

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