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  1. JoEl Kikke

    I saw a movie on TCM last night, “The Remains of the Day”. It is a message for todays pastors and others “in service”.
    The storyline follows a butler who took his “job” so seriously he chose not to listen or care about his “Lord’s” allegiance with Nazi Germany. Instead he spent his energy on doing his job perfectly.

    Today it is very clear what each political party in the USA stands for– “life is sacred or not”. Therefore by our allegiance we will be seen in history the same. We can no longer say we did not know or understand what their platform included. That ended the night Hillary, in one of the national debates, said she would push for late term abortion. Now the Dems have gone far beyond. Our choice to remain silent in our churches will be the same as this butler choice to remain faithful. Terribly wrong.

    Cited: Baena, Victoria. “The Remains of the Day Day Three: Morning.” LitCharts. LitCharts LLC, 22 Jun 2017. Web. 13 Feb 2019.

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