Trump dumps DC Media Correspondence Dinner


He says:”By the way, is this better than that phony Washington White House correspondents’ dinner? Is this more fun? I could be up there tonight smiling like I love when they’re hitting you. Shot after shot, these people they hate your guts. Shot.”

This is what energizes him – his base. He’s unusual in three respects.

1.) Unlike any other politician, you feel like you know the guy before he’s finished. He has too strong an ego to pander or put on an act.

2.) He cares deeply about issues and insists you understand the facts. Never seen so much effort put into educating people about the economic aspect of his thinking. He simplifies trade to the point where you say “why did other Presidents allow this to happen?”

3.) When he goes off the teleprompter it’s hilarious. He’s predictably and harmlessly adolescent in both proclaiming his achievements and dramatizing the folly, duplicity or ignorance of his opposition.

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