Trump Delivers Prophetic Warning To Christian Leaders!


Donald Trump delivers a private warning to Christian leaders about what’s happening in the country and how the midterms are going to be a referendum on your religion. Christians are so fragmented and scattered we don’t have a coherent mechanism for sharing messages like the left has. That needs to change!

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    • Regina Sanches

      Thank you brother Lance for sounding the alarm as a watchman on the wall. I agree with you 100% that the enemy wants to destroy the people of God as in the days of Purim ( Esther ch.3) We are warring against the demonic forces of intimidation, witchcraft and Jezebel spirit. (Nehemia chapter 4).
      Those leaders and others who are opposing POTUS are colluding with the counsel of darkness. I wonder how many pieces of silver they have received or are still receiving.
      It is time for the people of GOD to rise up AS ONE to war against these demonic forces. But first: We as the people of God have to repent and cry out for mercy for abdicating the authority that the LORD Jesus has given us and for being silent when it really mattered.
      Our congregation is starting a 3-day fast and I pray that others will follow.
      It is no coincidence that last week I put on a CD of “Christ for the Nations- Desperate Hours” for worship.
      We are living in Desperate Hours”
      Please listen to the song: Have mercy once again. So timely! Who will stand up for truth and righteousness!!!!!!!!
      Be Blessed, brother Lance. We pray Gods protection over you, your family and POTUS, his family and cabinet.

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