It’s Time for What? Five Times God Declares: “It Is Time!”

Danny Steyne shares how it has been fifteen years he’s been hearing, “It’s Time!” He talks about the significance of what this means and shares that there are five instances in the Bible where God declares “it is time” and what that means.

What is the significance of the time, what declaration you can make, and receive revelation


The beginning of this revelation was prior to my ministry’s first MOW (Mountain of Worship) Signs & Wonders Conference, October 25-28, 2005, in a visitation that set some things moving in my own life. I was in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho at Shiloh Inn when it began. At the conference God would make it very clear through supernatural means that “IT WAS TIME” for something to be released to His Body, His Church. My journey since that experience has often been about seeking Him to find out when He is declaring that “Time” will be. Like Daniel, I have sought it out and have often experienced great resistance to receive revelation and meaning on what exactly “It’s Time!” is; but in the faithfulness of God, He always brings the breakthrough when we search Him out. It is time!

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